1 February

Halleluwah LP

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Working on Halleluwah’s debut album. You can listen to the first single here.

22 September

I got your back

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Check out the first single from the Icelandic singer-songwriter Heiða Dóra Jónsdóttir or Bara Heiða as she prefers to call herself.  You can listen to the song here:


18 August

New single from Kaleo

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Kaleo have released the first single and a video from their second album. The song was recorded & mixed by Arnar G at Aeronaut studios and the video was made by a talanted group called Eyk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNwgOkl5nRY

19 July

Gold album

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Our first gold album is in the house. Congratulations to Kaleo for selling over 5000 copies of their debut album in Iceland!


24 June

Spegilmynd – Biggi Hilmars

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A new single from Biggi Hilmars & the first song he sings in his native language; Icelandic. Recorded in 5 different studios between Reykjavik, Los Angeles & London and mixed in Aeronaut Studios by Arnar. You can listen & buy the song here.

You can also check out Biggi’s website here.


16 May

Quarashi new single – Rock on

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The legendary Icelandic rap group Quarashi have released their first single in 10 years. We had the pleasure of recording part of it and Arnar also played some guitars & piano on the track. You can listen to it here.

30 April

Pollapönk preperation

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Pollapönk is getting ready to perform in Denmark in the semi-final Eurovision song contest with their song No Prejudice so things are about to heat up. We’ve been working with Pollapönk closely on production side of their performance so we wish them all best.

5 April

New site coming up!

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We’re just in the process of launching our official site where we will display our latest work, updates and sex scandals. Stay tuned!